Education as Oxygen certifications

This post is a courtesy of the website The website has a huge database of educational certifications that one might find useful for their preparation.

The purpose of this post is to highlight changes in our modern society that have changed not only what it means to be educated, but how we should view education itself.

In days gone by, those who were fortunate enough to receive an education of some kind did so in their youth. Then, after a certain number of years – of academic studies, of apprenticeship, of residency, whatever process it may be or may have been – these young people came to be viewed as capable adults, masters, professionals…in short, done with their education and training and ready to close that chapter of their lives. In days gone by, education was confined to an earlier stage of life, and then put away along with the textbooks.

Today, education can no longer be considered an activity to be confined to one or an early stage of life only. The pace of change in industry, technology, medicine, and various other areas of life mean that there is a short shelf life of any one skill. Like tapes and later CDs and later Ipods and, well, you get the idea – skill sets also have an expiration date. No single degree or certificate or title earned in 2009 or 2017 or 2021 will be enough to sustain an individual through their professional career successfully until retirement, whenever that is. Everything is changing too quickly, and changing in ways we can’t even understand yet. In the same way a parent needs to understand Snapchat and vaping tools and smartphones in order to understand and try to navigate their teenagers’ quickly changing lives, adults need to stay up to date with a variety of skills and tools to understand the way the world really works – and not be steamrolled and made irrelevant by factors they don’t even understand. The website is a testament of how many educational certifications are out there with so much to learn.

Education is now no longer a stage, an early chapter, a finite moment in life – it is now more like the oxygen that gives life, a continuous requirement for basic survival. You should consider how you will obtain it consistently, regularly, to invigorate you, keep your brain active and flexible, and keep you afloat, till you take your last breath.

Author: Gabriela is an educator with 15 years experience teaching subjects at all ages from kindergarten to adult level. Email Gabriela at

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