Sell Teaching Resources Online

budget-cash-coins-33692We are on a mission to help teachers make extra income on the side. If you have a copyright assignment or lesson that you would like to sell online and make money, you are in the right place. Even if you are currently not a teacher but have teaching experience and have something that you think will be worthwhile sharing, to help students and teachers, we are interested.


Benefits of Selling it online: 

  1. Extra Income: We know teachers aren’t paid as much as they should be. This is your opportunity to earn some extra cash on the side, without having to worry about the how piece of it. Let us take care of the “how”. You help us with “what” is it you think will benefit the students.
  2. Helping Students: There is no better way to feel satisfied than think of the fact that you would eventually help a teacher and then a student in turn.
  3. Organize your materials: When you plan to sell something, in a way it helps you keep your materials more thorough, current and organized.
  4. Promote yourself: If you are stay at home parent or a teacher, we want to increase your market value. We can help you promote and market yourself on our website. In short, we want to make you famous.

How it works: Complete the below form for evaluation of your product. Once we receive your idea for the product, we will get in touch with you via email. If needed, we can have a call as per your convenience to discuss more. Together, our experts will go through the materials and once approved, will publicize your materials on our website at no cost to you. Eventually, we will empower you to publicize and post your own materials. That way, you are in charge. No sign-up, no payments required upfront. 

The materials or the resources for selling can be a a hard copy or a downloadable item.

We charge a small transaction fee on every item sold. The fee helps us to keep the lights on. Contact us by filling the form below for more details.

How do you get Paid: Our systems will notify you, if someone buys your materials. Rest assured, you will get paid with each sale that we make together.

Fill the form below and let us know what you have…

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